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3ος τόμος. Νεοελληνική γραμματική. Ιστορική εισαγωγή [Vol. 3 Research Issues C. Modern Greek grammar. An introduction to its history]

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M. Triandafilidhis


The book, published in 1938 by Manolis Triandaphyllidis himself, now forms the third volume of his Collected Works. It is a study on the history of the Greek language from ancient times to the present day. In the book’s rich appendix, one can find a set of language samples covering all periods of spoken and written language (standard and dialectal), accounts and viewpoints on the evolution and development of written language, and a lot of information about the language issue. Every chapter is accompanied by a comprehensive list of references, which are also included in the complete reference list at the end of the book. The book also contains 13 maps and 7 tables.


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