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Εισαγωγή στη φωνολογία [Introduction to Phonology]

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This book is primarily addressed to students of linguistics who wish to acquire foundation or more specialised knowledge on the scientific field of phonology. It could also be a useful reading for language teachers, experts on phonological disorders and every reader with a deeper interest in phonology.

Undoubtedly, the range of phonological data is broad enough and the theoretical models proposed for their analysis numerous and varied. But we have chosen to focus on phenomena and procedures the research on which has defined what constitutes a phonological problem and has led to the development of inspired theoretical frameworks for their interpretation and analysis.

Although in most chapters we mainly focus on the Greek language, with frequent reference to its dialectal varieties, the main pursuit of the book is to highlight and discuss the most important aspects of the phonological grammar of natural languages, while bringing the reader in contact with a wide spectrum of language systems in terms of typology. One of the main objectives of the book is also to familiarize the reader with basic phonological terms, with the phonological procedures encountered cross-linguistically and with the theoretical models that determined the character and the development of this branch of linguistics.

The author is Professor of Linguistics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


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