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Καταλόγια. Στίχοι περί έρωτος αγάπης [Lyrics. Verses on erotic love]

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Καταλόγια. Στίχοι περί έρωτος αγάπης  [Lyrics. Verses on erotic love] is an anonymous collection of vernacular love poetry, probably dating from the first half of the 15th century. It is the oldest collection of its kind surviving today, and its only manuscript, which doesn’t save its end, consists of 54 short or longer, narrative or lyric poems (or 715 verses). Realia and linguistic elements of some poems show that their author or anthologist is a Greek-speaking person, of mainly Greek cultural background, though living in a multinational/multicultural, probably western-dominated environment (perhaps in Rhodes during the Knights Hospitaller era).


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