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Νεοελληνική γραμματική (της δημοτικής) [Modern Greek Grammar (of Demotic)]

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M. Triandafilidhis


This is a revised edition of the work widely known as Comprehensive or Official Modern Greek Grammar, compiled by a committee with M. Triandaphyllidis as chairman and rapporteur, and K. Karthaios (Kl. Lakonas), Th. Stavrou. Ach. Tzartzanos, V. Favis and N. Andriotis as members. The work was first published in 1941 by the Schoolbook Publishing Organization.

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative grammar of Demotic to date, a milestone in the study of Modern Greek and in the history of Greek education and active Demoticism. In the revised edition, the book’s overall form has remained the same, with only minor additions and modifications compared to the original edition. These are listed in the book’s appendix, together with some (mostly orthographic) simplifications which were included in M. Triandaphyllidis’ The Grammar of Modern Greek – An Adaptation of the Concise Grammar of Modern Greek (published by the Schoolbook Publishing Organization) and on which all school grammar textbooks are based.


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